My honest review of my top 3 Gym wear brands!

Welcome to my first post!


Over the past year, I have gone on a complete fitness journey. I still feel like I have such a long way to go but I have changed a few things. Eating healthier, finding my love of hot yoga, rekindling my love for the gym has helped me to shift 2 stone. In the last few moths I have realized this is a lifestyle choice rather than something I do for a week and give up.

Hot yoga is something I love and have joined a studio and signed up for a monthly membership, where I hit the mat for at least 3x 60 min sessions a week.

In the last 2 months, I have joined a gym and have started to follow the “sweat app” I am weight training, doing HITT workouts and improving my strength following these and they are slowly showing results.

With this in mind, I have become addicted to gym wear and there is nothing more exciting than comfortable, great-quality, flattering, beautiful gym wear. Here are my top 3 favourites!

  1. FABACTVEWEAR-I was scrolling through Instagram and I found @FABACTIVEWEAR. I loved their whole vibe and the fact the brand is so inclusive and so diverse.

I love their Grey Classic Knit Seamless Leggings! They are so comfortable but they have the right level of compression to suck you in all the right places! Their waist band is ultra high so no slipping down when you are doing burpees!

2. My second favourite brand is Sweaty Betty

I adore the legging for yoga sessions. Especially the reversible patterned leggings as you get the look of two different leggings in one!. They are extremely comfortable and seem to fit me perfectly in leg length and waist band style. These are just what you need when you are bending and flexing. Their vests are also really cute. The sisterhood range are really cool and often give their profits to a good cause!

TIP: I like to knot the side of a long vest with a hair tie and took it under. It just gives a better fit.

3. My third favourite fitness brand is Victoria Sport. Their leggings are an a absolute dream- the material is amazing! I am quite short and they do come up a little long. However, I have just ordered their 7/8 length and these will fit me so much better. I love the leggings with the phone pocket; it is such a life-saver when I have my ear phones, drinks bottle and towel to hold. The third reason I love them, is their amazing sports bras- they are so comfortable and unique!

Here are some of my favourite items. I’ll put a little link to my new items on Instagram when I have them delivered!


I hope you have enjoyed the post and will check out these brands. Please hit my follow on Instagram and share some of your favourites! @aimzleigh9902

Sweat App!

I have been following the Kelsey Wells Sweat app. The first 7 days are free but be warned, by the end of the first 7 days you will be hooked. This personal trainer has created a workout plan than “works”. With a range of different programs to follow, based on whatever the results you are looking for, there is something for everything.

There are home based word outs and gym based. I am following PWR for the gym and currently i’m on week 5. I followed the beginner weeks and have really loved following the program.

Here are 5 things I love about this app.

  1. Each week has a targeted workout for different body parts. So abs and legs, glutes, back and so on.
  2. There are little clips showing you how to perform the exercise. It has given me the confidence to use the weight machines. Something I really wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before using the app.
  3. The playlists on the apple music app have something for everyone. I am loving the summer playlist at the moment.
  4. The meal plan is really useful; I do not follow it step by step but it gives me ideas for healthy meals and snacks when I run out of ideas.
  5. Finally, I just love the way the routine is split into activation, pyramid, triset, burn out and cool down. It helps to break up a long hour workout into smaller sections. It makes it so much more fun to complete!

I love this program and if you feel like you want something to follow that gives you results and build on your confidence check out the sweat app!


My progress…

Week 1 to week 5