Sweat App!

I have been following the Kelsey Wells Sweat app. The first 7 days are free but be warned, by the end of the first 7 days you will be hooked. This personal trainer has created a workout plan than “works”. With a range of different programs to follow, based on whatever the results you are looking for, there is something for everything.

There are home based word outs and gym based. I am following PWR for the gym and currently i’m on week 5. I followed the beginner weeks and have really loved following the program.

Here are 5 things I love about this app.

  1. Each week has a targeted workout for different body parts. So abs and legs, glutes, back and so on.
  2. There are little clips showing you how to perform the exercise. It has given me the confidence to use the weight machines. Something I really wouldn’t have had the confidence to do before using the app.
  3. The playlists on the apple music app have something for everyone. I am loving the summer playlist at the moment.
  4. The meal plan is really useful; I do not follow it step by step but it gives me ideas for healthy meals and snacks when I run out of ideas.
  5. Finally, I just love the way the routine is split into activation, pyramid, triset, burn out and cool down. It helps to break up a long hour workout into smaller sections. It makes it so much more fun to complete!

I love this program and if you feel like you want something to follow that gives you results and build on your confidence check out the sweat app!


My progress…

Week 1 to week 5

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